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Since 2012 we have offered awesome, easy to use templates to enable photo booth owners to stand out from the crowd. Over this time we’ve compiled quite a selection of designs and layouts and each week it continues to grow with our #20for24 releases.   The PBO Design Shop Template Club is a new club based on feedback from you and fellow photo booth owners. This club is perfect for any owner looking to offer their clients stunning print templates that stand out. Every bride loves a design that fits her special day.

The Template Club VIP allows you to leverage all of our templates to blow your client’s mind and close the deal. You’ll have access to our full collection at a lower price than non-members providing you a competitive edge. Join the Template Club today and start saving big immediately! As a member you will receive huge discounts, free templates and receive members only specials.


We’ve created a membership that best serves your photo booth business.


  • Instant savings
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  • 15 free templates (1 each month of membership + 3 bonus your first month) a $435 value*
  • Priority support
  • Private forums
  • Our one of a kind website plugin that embeds our catalog, white labeled into your website. 100’s of designs to show your clients with no out of pocket expense. You can see a sample of the plugin embedded right here in our website by clicking a button below.


photo booth templates catalog


Our embeddable catalog widget allows you to specify multiple widgets so that you can display relevant designs for each booth type your business my operate. Have a traditional DSLR booth? We have a widget for that. Have a mirror booth? We have a widget for that. Have an iPad booth? We have a widget for that.

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