How To Do Square Prints

How To Do Square Prints

Squares are not just for social media any more! In this article we are going to show you how to do this quickly using the DNP 620a printer. The process will be very similar for each of the dye-sublimation printers capable of printing square.

Printers that support square prints

Here is a comprehensive list of printers that are capable of producing square prints in various sizes. You will need to have a printer on this list and the proper media to produce square prints.


Mitsubishi K60 NO YES1 YES2NO
Mitsubishi 70DW NONOYES2NO
Mitsubishi 90DWNOYES1 YES2NO
Sinfonia CS2 NOYES1YES2 NO

1 requires 5×7 media
2 requires 6×8 media
3 requires 8×10/12 media
4 requires 4 inch media


Preparing your print template

Depending on the size of prints you’re planning on doing there will be some slight variations in size. Our templates and others are based around a 1600 pixel by 1600 pixel quasi-standard.

You will want to scale the PSD document to the proper size. Additionally you’ll use a scaling factor to scale up or down the photo dimensions and coordinates.

5×5 print sample

Using the default page size of 1600 pixels by 1600 pixels (our quasi-standard). We will first calculate our page size (many photo booth softwares will also give you these numbers).

taking 5 inches at 300 dpi we come up with 1500. We recommend padding this by 20 pixels giving you 1520 pixels by 1520 pixels.

We can then calculate new dimensions and coordinates or simply make the photo 1520 pixels by 1520 pixels at 0,0 coordinates (top/left).


Setting the DNP 620 printer to print squares

Setting the printer to print either 5 inch by 5 inch squares or 6 inch by 6 inch squares is all done through the driver. You can access this by typing printers & scanners into the search bar in Windows.

access system printers

Next you’ll want to locate your DNP 620 printer in the list and click it. Click the Manage button to open the driver.

Follow the steps in the following video to select the size of prints you’re going to be producing at your event. The DNP 620 supports both 5×5 and 6×6 printing. These require the 5×7 and 6×8 media packs respectively.


That is it, you’re ready to start printing awesome square prints and mixing up your market!


Where to get print layouts

We have a large selection of print templates for squares that we add to pretty much every week. Visit to see our current catalog.


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