How To Scale Square Templates

This article will explain how to properly scale down your square template for use in many popular photo booth software. We recommend when using for social sharing only that you use the size 1080px by 1080px unless your software requires another size.

You can also print these fun templates see How To Do Square Prints.

Preparing your template

Depending on the size of prints you’re planning on doing there will be some slight variations in size. Our templates and others are based around a 1600 pixel by 1600 pixel quasi-standard.

You will want to scale down the PSD document to the proper size. Additionally you’ll use a scaling factor to scale down the photo dimensions and coordinates.

For example a 1080px by 1080px downsize would result in a 0.675 scaling factor (1080/1600). This would then be applied to the dimensional and coordinate information provided with the template.


Where to get print layouts

We have a large selection of print templates for squares that we add to pretty much every week. Visit to see our current catalog.

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