Saving template assets after modifying in Photoshop

Once you have modified your template in Photoshop you’ll need to save the changes out to files that your photo booth software can use. Our templates are structured with a background and overlay graphic. You can also save your changes as a single overlay image by following this how to.

Quick Steps:

  1. Collapse all layer groups in the layers panel.
  2. Hide all layers except for the one named background.jpg.
  3. Go File > Save As and set the file type to jpeg (.jpg).
  4. Give it the name background.jpg.
  5. Click save and confirm overwriting existing file.
  6. Next hide all layer groups except for the ones named text and overlay.png.
  7. go File > Save As and set the file type to png.
  8. Give it the name overlay.png
  9. Click save. Ensure that the transparency checkbox is check and confirm overwriting existing file.

You’re ready to install the template into your photo booth software following the author’s recommended process.

Here is a video that shows the above process.

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