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The PBO Templates Manager is just the latest PBO exclusive designed to make you more efficient with all your awesome templates. The application is meant to help keep your templates straight and to quickly access the files along with creating event-specific copies (named “customizations”).

Currently, the application is capable of the following:

  • Sync all of your template purchases onto your Windows device.
  • Provide an easy way to navigate them.
  • One-click to make a copy of a template for editing (preserving the originals).
  • One click to open your PSD
  • One-click export to a zip file
  • Built-in web browser for accessing the store.

Current version is 1.8.2020.0401 (

The following prerequisites are required:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64)

If you have any troubles please report bugs to us by emailing [email protected] or clicking the send logs button under settings.

Change Log


  • Compiled with new signing certificate.


  • [Fix] Bug that prevented some users from being able to change their customizations directory.
  • [Change] Updated security keys.


  • [Fix] Change to our parser to gracefully handle inconsistent properties sent from the API.


  • [Improvement] implemented further file validation methodology to ensure sync success.


  • [Fix] fixes sync issue where files exist but are damaged or incomplete.


  • [Fix] syncing issue related to API upgrades.
  • [Fix] application locking up when manually resyncing purchases.


  • [Fix] partial downloads being logged at synced.
  • [Improvement] improved efficiency of syncing process.


  • [Fix] changes search to be case insensitive.
  • [Fix] invalid order number hangs authentication requiring restart.
  • [Improvement] improves template sync process to be quicker and more efficient.


  • [Fix] login bug that prevented subscribers from signing into the application.


  • Added functionality to detect incomplete downloads and to resync those individual templates.
  • Added the ability to manually resync any master template.


  • Added support for Design Set files. The contents of design sets are now managed as independent templates linked to the master.
  • Improved messaging on user prompts and feedback.
  • Completion of new iconography throughout the application.


  • [New] Added resync capabilities under settings. This allows for the user’s entire purchased library to be downloaded again from the cloud. Does not affect locally imported templates or customizations.
  • [Fix] Added more async capabilities speeding up the application.


  • [Fix] Customization success modal didn’t reflect Photoshop setting. Now properly opens PSD per user settings.


  • [New] Added new installation feature for Darkroom and Photoboof users. These users can now install any of their customizations in a single click from the details panel.
  • [UI] Refreshed some of the UI to make room for additional features and to make iconography consistent.
  • [UI] Added open readme file button to customizations details panel.


  • [Fix] Manual import of dslrBooth Pro templates would fail due to a bad structure check.


  • [Fix] Edge case where logins were failing and locking users out of the application.


  • [Fix] crashing when customizations path was removed. Now reverts to default paths when missing.


  • Updated API keys.


  • Improved error handling and logging.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance tweaks.

  • Added import of template packages from hard drive.
  • Performance fixes.
  • Various bug fixes. Changes

  • Made the copying/customization process more intuitive and helpful. A few photos might be helpful.
  • The customization/clone process now works like this.
  • Click the Customize button on either the masters or customizations item details.
  • Enter a name, we’ll still suggest one.
  • You can now open the customization right from the success notification allowing you to get right to work.