Photo Booth Templates Starter Pack

Photo Booth Templates Starter Pack 1

Photo Booth Templates Starter Pack



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Photo booth templates starter pack includes 5 common layouts to help aspiring designers to get started quickly. This package includes 4-up photo strips, 3-up photo strips, 3-up portrait, 3×1 landscape and 2×1 landscape.


The package contains the following contents for each layout:

  • template.psd
  • coordinates.txt
This design can be used with the following photo booth software packages:
  • DSLR Remote Pro for Windows by Breeze Systems
  • DSLR Remote Pro for Mac by Breeze Systems
  • NKRemote by Breeze Systems
  • PSRemote by Breeze Systems
  • Webcam Photobooth by Breeze Systems
  • Photoboof!
  • PTBooth
  • Seamonkey Photobooth
  • SnapShot Studio by Allen Christopher

This photo booth template is designed to work with the following printers:

  • DNP RX1
  • DNP DS40
  • Hiti 510L/S
  • Hiti 720L
  • Shinko S6145 (CS2)


Mike Bender the founder of the Photo Booth Owners website ( and owner of It’s A Photo Booth, LLC based in north central Ohio. Mike has been an active member in the photo booth industry since 2009. To read more visit



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