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To help you start creating your own masterpieces we’ve made a set of starter PSD files generally available for you to use within your business. You are prohibited from redistributing these files or reselling them or works created using them. If you’d like to share these please send people to this page.

PSD Starters

You can use these starter files for creating your own awesome templates to wow your customers just like our team of designers do. These are our base PSD files that we use each week when we create our templates. You will need Photoshop CS2+ or Photoshop Elements 10+. If you do not have either I recommend that you purchase Photoshop Elements 14 available on Amazon for less than $70 usually.

Download PSD Starters

free template

Curious about how our templates are structured and edited. Here is a sample template that you can download and practice editing for free.

Download Sample Template