Christmas Cheer iPad Welcome Screens

Christmas Cheer iPad Welcome Screens 1

Christmas Cheer iPad Welcome Screens


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Turn your iPad photo booth app’s welcome screen into a holiday theme featuring Christmas gold line drawing pattern, star, and tree. The event information is written in a beautiful and elegant golden font. All elements can be modified using the provided PSD files.

With these welcome screen templates, you can modify the colors within the PSD through provided hue/saturation layer. For more information on how this is done please watch the Modifying Template Colors video from our YouTube channel. These screen photo booth templates can be modified using Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 2020 and up.

Made for iPad photo booth Layered

The package contains the following contents:

  • Landscape PSD
  • Portrait PSD
  • Ready to use start screen JPEG files. Landscape and portrait included.
  • Ready to use general screen JPEG files. Landscape and portrait included.

Photo Booth Software

These screens should be supported by most photo booth applications on the market. Listed below are some that are known to work with the files.

  • Breeze Booth (DSLR/webcam/iPad)
  • Darkroom Booth for iPad
  • Fotozap
  • Snappic
  • Luma Booth
  • Mobibooth Cloud
  • PixBooth (Curator)
  • Salsa Booth App

* NOTE: Screens can be used with other photo booth applications as well.

Mike Bender. See more designs by Mike Bender.


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