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color / text personalization
Template color and text personalization



Template color and text personalization


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Are you having trouble matching colors for a client? Let one of our experts assist you in making your client happy. Once you’ve completed your order please provide the colors, elements and text you need in an email to support[@] One of our experts will reach out to you within 48 hours to clarify any questions they have.


Background/elements color adjustment:

You provide us with the color specification you need and which elements to adjust and our expert will quickly make the adjustments and deliver the results to you. Depending on the design perfect color code match may not be possible


Text modification to specification

You provide us with the text and color specification and our expert will make the changes.



Once our expert has completed the modifications and it has been approved by you they will provide the following assets for you.

  1. An updated PSD file for future reference
  2. A background.jpg
  3. An overlay.png

If you’d like a single overlay please tell us in the order notes.


* Modifications are typically available within 72 hours of service order.

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