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Holiday Gift in Green Photo Strips
Holiday Gift in Green Photo Strips



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Holiday Gift in Green Photo Strips


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A photo booth template designed to resemble a holiday gift wrapped in green and white polka dots behind a 4-up photo arrangement. This design is topped off with a red bow and ribbon and a gift tag with elegant text for the event’s or host’s name.

The package contains the following contents:

  • background.jpg
  • background.png
  • overlay.png
  • template.psd
  • coordinates.txt
This design can be used with the following photo booth software packages:
  • DSLR Remote Pro by Breeze Systems
  • NKRemote by Breeze Systems
  • PSRemote by Breeze Systems
  • Webcam Photobooth by Breeze Systems
  • DSLR Remote Pro for Mac by Breeze Systems
  • DSLRBooth
  • Photoboof!
  • PTBooth
  • Seamonkey Photobooth
  • SnapShot Studio by Allen Christopher


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