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NOTICE: All of our templates required either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to modify colors, hide elements and use text effects as shown. The single sample image shown is the default graphics included in the template without text. Multi-color samples are shown as an example of the possibilities with this template.

Shimmering Blossom iPad Welcome Screens


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Turn your iPad photo booth app’s welcome screen into this theme that showcases a charming and elegant floral pattern background that shimmers with a touch of glamour. This theme is perfect for any glitzy occasion, such as holidays, quinceañeras, weddings, anniversaries, proms, sweet sixteens, birthdays, and more. Additionally, all elements in the template can be easily color-adjusted to complement any event theme.

With these welcome screen templates, you can modify the colors within the PSD through provided hue/saturation layer. For more information on how this is done please watch the Modifying Template Colors video from our YouTube channel. These screen photo booth templates can be modified using Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 2020 and up.

Made for iPad photo booth Layered

The package contains the following contents:

  • Landscape PSD
  • Portrait PSD
  • Ready to use start screen JPEG files. Landscape and portrait included.
  • Ready to use general screen JPEG files. Landscape and portrait included.

Photo Booth Software

These screens should be supported by most photo booth applications on the market. Listed below are some that are known to work with the files.

  • Breeze Booth (DSLR/webcam/iPad)
  • Darkroom Booth for iPad
  • Fotozap
  • Snappic
  • Luma Booth
  • Mobibooth Cloud
  • PixBooth (Curator)
  • Salsa Booth App

* NOTE: Screens can be used with other photo booth applications as well.

Mark Giesige. See more designs by Mark Giesige.



Photo Orientation

Portrait: 1024 x 1366 pixels / Landscape: 1366 x 1024 pixels

System Type

1a069d3d-2e36-4d04-a487-6d724fb3ad93, 1b1dafa3-b604-49a8-913c-948a48f546d4, 1ba21139-9541-4bac-892d-c8ed6d9f0838, 26fc01a0-4db9-40cf-84d8-b2518331f3b3, 299067ce-d790-4434-97f6-e2bdfe0357a5, 46929381-770c-4e17-a6aa-2a5b648c8bf8, 4f9c2256-6c28-4e11-86c3-4843b46028be, 78fffe59-0c88-42b6-bdf9-10d60b66d7f8, 7dd382a9-8b4e-436e-9eae-5ab06ff801fa, be6c91b4-2a9c-47d7-9428-f5c55bf6c3ec, cf9d29dc-3ecc-4356-aa89-486da0f715cc, d6543239-ba0a-4157-a21d-8b2906718613