Snowflake Glimmer 3-cross Strip (iPad)

Snowflake Glimmer Postcard (iPad) 1
Snowflake Glimmer Postcard (iPad)
Snowflake Glimmer Postcard (iPad) 1
Snowflake Glimmer Postcard (iPad)

Snowflake Glimmer 3-cross Strip (iPad)



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This beautifully understated winter template starts out with a faint whimsical snowflake and star background and is completed with overlaying snowflakes and drop shadows. This template works well for simple monochromatic events. It is perfect for weddings, birthdays, formal dances and holiday celebrations. Background, snowflakes and borders can easily be colorized.

With this template you can modify the colors within the PSD through provided hue/saturation layer. For more information on how this is done please watch the Modifying Template Colors video from our YouTube channel. This photo booth template can be modified using Photoshop CS2+ and Photoshop Elements 10+.

Made for iPad photo booth Layered PSD File Photo Booth Template

The package contains the following contents:

  • background.jpg
  • overlay.png
  • template.psd
  • template-elements.psd
  • links to all fonts
  • Photo coordinates and dimensions included in PSD and coordinates.txt file
  • Configuration file*

* certain iPad apps support and include configuration files.


iPad Photo Booth Software

This templates is officially supported for the following photo booth applications:

* The following other apps this template should work with also. Please refer to their respective manuals and support for ultimate guidance.

  • Pixity Booth
  • Simple Booth
  • Lumabooth
  • iSit

Printer Support

This photo booth template is designed to work with the following printers provided that your iPad app supports printing:

  • DNP RX1
  • DNP DS40
  • DNP DS620
  • Hiti 510L/S
  • Hiti 720L
  • Shinko S6145 (CS2)

* NOTE: Other printers not listed may require modification to the template dimensions. Please contact support of the iPad Photo Booth App you are using for assistance.


Kirsten Crock

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