Wood Brick & Lace 4-up Strips

Wood Brick & Lace Photo Strips 1
Wood Brick & Lace 4-up Strips
Wood Brick & Lace Photo Strips 1
Wood Brick & Lace 4-up Strips

Wood Brick & Lace 4-up Strips



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This photo booth template displays subtle brick and wood textures with a hint of soft lace. The design is both soft and romantic and rustic. Each photo is framed with a thin border and a stitch of lace at the top. The photo strip features 4 photos in a 4-up arrangement. Brick, wood, border and lace are all easily colorized.

With this template you can modify the colors within the PSD through provided hue/saturation layer. For more information on how this is done please watch the Modifying Template Colors Using Quick Adjust video from our YouTube channel. This photo booth template can be modified using Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements 10.

The package contains the following contents:

  • background.jpg
  • overlay.png
  • template.psd
  • template-elements.psd
  • links to all fonts
This design can be used with the following photo booth software packages:
  • Darkroom Booth
  • DslrBooth Pro
  • DSLR Remote Pro for Windows by Breeze Systems
  • DSLR Remote Pro for Mac by Breeze Systems
  • DSLRBooth Pro
  • NKRemote by Breeze Systems
  • PSRemote by Breeze Systems
  • Webcam Photobooth by Breeze Systems
  • Photoboof!
  • Social Booth
  • Sparkbooth Commercial


This photo booth template is designed to work with the following printers:

  • DNP RX1
  • DNP DS40
  • Hiti 510L/S
  • Hiti 720L
  • Shinko S6145 (CS2)


Kirsten Crock

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