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Thank you for confirming that you attended my talk at the Photo Booth Expo. You can download your digital swag below. I’ve made our starter PSD files available for you along with 5 of the templates I used during my talk. Please enjoy and remember us when you’re in need of amazing templates to wow your client!


PSD Starters

You can use these starter files for creating your own awesome templates to wow your customers just like our team of designers do. These are our base PSD files that we use each week when we create our templates. You will need Photoshop CS2+ or Photoshop Elements 10+. If you do not have either I recommend that you purchase Photoshop Elements 14 available on Amazon for less than $70 usually.

Download PSD Starters


5 Free Templates

Please click on the photo booth software below that you use to download templates structured for it. If you do not see your specific software I recommend downloading the Breeze Systems package as it does not contain configuration information.


Breeze Systems

Darkroom Booth

DSLRBooth Pro


Social Booth



I would also like to give you an unprecedented 50% off your next order here at the PBO Design Shop as a token of my appreciation.

Just use the promo code below at checkout.


Once again thank you so much for attending my talk at the Photo Booth Expo.

Show bonus includes a bonus pack of best sellers for you to download. Offer ends midnight EST April 18, 2016. Do miss out on more free templates!
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