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What printers are supported?

Each of our templates is designed to print perfectly on the following printers. We use the printer’s full page size to provide flawless edge-to-edge prints using full-bleed designs.

  • DNP RX1
  • DNP DS40
  • DNP 620
  • Hiti 510L/S
  • Hiti 720L
  • Shinko S6145
  • Sinfonia CS2
  • Brava 21

If you do not see your printer don’t worry you can still use our templates. It just requires a few extra steps to ensure amazing results. We’ve put together this video that walks you through the complete process of preparing one of our templates for any dye-sublimation printer not listed above.

This video will…

  1. Show you how to properly resize your graphics
  2. Show you how to calculate the new coordinates and dimensions

You can download the calculator at

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