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Can I use GIMP to edit the PSD files?

GIMP is an amazing free editor that can open most PSD files. Unfortunately, one important thing that GIMP cannot do inside of a PSD file is read font layers. Instead, they are rendered as a regular image layer making them unable to be edited.

gimp editor

To get the full functionality and flexibility of our templates you will need to make modifications to the Photoshop files (PSD). To properly modify these you will need either Photoshop CS3 or higher or Photoshop Elements 10 or higher.

If you do not have either we recommend that you pick up a copy of Photoshop Elements 14. You can find it usually for less than $80, and sometimes for $60-$65. Use the following link to find it on Amazon

Adobe also has a great Photography plan for $9.99/mo that will get you Photoshop. You can learn more at

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